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  • Smart Agriculture Park/Demonstration Area Overall Solution
    With the development and application of agricultural body and cloud technology, according to the needs of high-efficiency agriculture and changing the agricultural planting environment and rationally avoiding the impact of the atmosphere, water resources and soil on agricultural planting and aquaculture.
  • Brand agriculture full traceability solution
    Through the establishment of a traceability system for the quality of agricultural products, we will create quality and safety traceable agricultural products e-commerce, help enterprises improve brand competitiveness, and improve the quality of agricultural products and market sales prices. Agricultural enterprises can establish a management system from production to sales through a breeding, production, management and management cloud platform, helping enterprises to upgrade from the traditional breeding mode to the agricultural + Internet production mode.
  • GAP intelligent agricultural management system application program
    The GAP standard planting program for agricultural products, according to the soil testing formula and the combination of technology, from the construction of sheds, seedlings, fertilization drugs to picking, each step of planting provides a standard 'model', the program includes the formula of agricultural materials, just According to the plan, 100% guarantees quality and safety. Introduce intelligent agricultural management system for standard planting schemes to achieve accurate data collection, linkage control, input management, and planned task management.
  • High-end experience e-commerce solutions for agricultural products
    The traditional agricultural products e-commerce initial investment is huge, the effect is slow, it is difficult to quickly highlight the advantages of brand agriculture in the Internet era, based on high-end experience e-commerce solutions for agricultural products. It is built with the brand agricultural club model, positioning the middle and high-end audience, creating an open-end trace of the brand agricultural club. The user participates in the agricultural production process online and offline, entertaining, entertaining, happy, happy, returning to the agricultural heart, embracing The Internet experiences the era of the economy.
  • Warehousing environment monitoring system solution
    As an important part of the agricultural product supply chain, warehousing management, daily operation monitoring and use of state data, provide effective decision support for production and operation, and use the advantages of the self-organizing network of the sensor network to summarize the important data of each warehouse.
  • Cloud water and fertilizer integrated irrigation solution
    The first in China, real-time detection of fertilizer technology for biogas slurry and biological fertilizer!
  • Smart Agriculture Four Love System
    The pest monitoring and early warning system adopts the principle of attracting pests according to the release attractant, and integrates pest trapping, data statistics and data transmission to realize pest-oriented directional trapping, classification and statistics, photo archiving, real-time report, remote monitoring and pests. The automation and intelligence of early warning. Different pests can be monitored by replacing the lure.
  • Cloud Smart Greenhouse Solution
    High crop yields depend on whether the best balance is achieved during business operations. From cultivation to harvesting, from water and energy management to creating the best climate. The “Agricultural Helper” smart system is not a separate operating system and application.