Yuyan Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.(雨研信息科技(上海)有限公司)It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, sales and service of electronic information products such as embedded systems, Internet of Things systems and smart devices. It is committed to providing practical products and overall solutions for the application of the Internet of Things industry. The company has core technology and high-quality research and development team in related fields. The research and development projects cover many fields such as environmental protection, agriculture and fishery. In the field of Internet of Things, there are a number of independent intellectual property rights, existing agricultural Internet of Things systems, environmental monitoring systems, wireless sensor network monitoring systems and other products.

Yuyan Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has strong research and development strength, and has established a large number of project cooperation relationships with Zhejiang University, China Mobile, CITIC Information, and other large enterprises and scientific research units. It has domestic first-class technology and products in the fields of “water environment monitoring”, “smart fishery”, “smart agriculture” and wireless sensor network.

The company is located in the Internet of Things Industrial Park in Jiading District, Shanghai. The “Internet of Things” industry that the company is currently engaged in is one of the key scientific and technological development directions proposed by the state. At present, under the background of the country's promotion of the industrialization of the Internet of Things and industrial transformation, the company has developed rapidly and its business has expanded rapidly.

The company currently has a sensor R&D center, a measurement and control integrated circuit R&D center, a software R&D center, a market operation center, a structure and production center, and an after-sales service department.