Technological innovation is the source of social development, the core competitiveness of enterprise development, we regard it as the fundamental, continuous product iteration, from a little cumulative update to the development of new products, the application of new technologies.

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Technological Innovation
Application based on MQ real-time configuration technology + cloud platform in the field of environmental protection monitoring
As China's investment in environmental monitoring facilities has increased, more and more automatic monitoring stations have been put into use. Taking water quality automatic monitoring stations as an example, station-type water stations and small-scale shore stations are the most common. Such sites have huge investment. The equipment is expensive, the maintenance is large, and the tasks of supervisors and operation and maintenance personnel are heavy...
Development and application of automatic diagnostic intelligent digital water quality sensor
Taking the five parameters of water quality as an example, the traditional probe needs to be equipped with a large-scale instrument to be used, which is inconvenient for distributed and low-power scenarios. At the same time, due to the different applicable environments of the water quality sensor, frequent maintenance is required, and the diagnostic information of the instrument is limited. With a certain amount of expertise for on-site operation, intelligent digital sensors are designed for...……
From perception to cognition, building a productivity cloud of Chinese enterprises
Innovation-driven productivity cloud, tapping demand from traditional industries, taking advantage of existing resources in the Internet economy with experience as the core, fully integrating production perception, intelligent control, and intelligent terminals, data and content are no longer isolated, perception By the time the cognition brings a new experience to consumers, it also brings the enterprise into the era of wisdom...
Analysis of the Application of WATSON Cognitive Technology
Watson is an outstanding representative of cognitive computing systems and a technology platform. Cognitive computing represents a new computing paradigm that includes a wealth of technological innovations in information analysis, natural language processing, and machine learning that can help decision makers uncover extraordinary insights from large amounts of unstructured data. The Watson system has several capabilities...
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