Monitoring station remote management and early warning system

With the continuous acceleration of industrial processes, industrial parks have become the “sweet” of local development economy. Industrial parks have indeed been effective in reducing infrastructure costs and stimulating regional economic development, but environmental problems caused by their development have also become increasingly serious. Behind the large number of eco-friendly industrial parks and the relationship between pollution and pollution, the symptoms of environmental pollution in the park are exposed.

At present, the domestic and international governance models for industrial pollution are mainly based on relocation, upgrading and establishment of ecological recycling economic parks. By adjusting the traditional industrial structure, rationally arranging the productivity within the park, strengthening the linkages and cooperation between enterprises, ensuring the rational allocation of regional resources, and broadening the new functions of regional industries, thus establishing a circular production chain, which is also a pollution to industrial parks. The mode of governance.

Yuyan Environmental Protection can use the self-developed intelligent environmental protection cloud platform to comprehensively utilize the four fields of computer Internet, industrial control, mobile communication and geographic information to conduct online monitoring of environmental quality information of industrial parks, environmental information data collection and transmission, and information. Comprehensive research and design of real-time query and analysis, internal operation business management of operation sites, and intelligent remote monitoring, providing comprehensive, timely and accurate data for environmental supervision of industrial parks, effectively achieving the science of pollution emission in industrial parks The control objectives can also provide comprehensive solutions for energy saving, emission reduction and comprehensive pollution control in industrial parks.

>> Case introduction

There are 63 leather enterprises in Zhanhua Chengbei Industrial Park in Shandong Province. The total discharge of sewage is about 30,000 tons per day. There is a sewage treatment plant with a daily capacity of 30,000 tons. Due to the illegal discharge of water quality and quantity of upstream enterprises, since the completion of the sewage treatment plant, there have been problems of large fluctuations in the influent water quality and overload operation, which in turn has affected the quality of the effluent. Therefore, in the protection of the environment and stable compliance. Objective: Based on the rapid development of wireless communication technology and real-time monitoring technology, a set of intelligent environmental protection supervision solutions for industrial parks based on the Internet of Things is proposed for the management and operation of sewage treatment plants.

Project effect:

The program integrates eight system modules of global monitoring, online monitoring, historical monitoring, intelligent early warning, remote scheduling, flow accounting, report decision making and member management, covering all the regulatory services of the industrial park. Environmental protection supervisors do not need to be on site. , you can easily handle a variety of regulatory information in real time. For example, the remote solenoid valve is opened by the mobile terminal; or the system intelligently sets the amount of displacement to automatically open the electronic valve;

After the pollution control facilities are in stable operation, the intelligent platform can operate according to various situation requirements. If an exception occurs, it will be automatically notified, and it can schedule its own pre-designed scheduling scheme. Through the intelligent environmental protection platform, the tanneries, sewage treatment plants and government departments work together to improve the efficiency of supervision and make full use of existing equipment resources to save energy and reduce emissions. The platform also supports the analysis of environmental protection operation data by professional companies, and provides environmental management units with optimized industrial park facilities operation services to improve the operation quality of environmental treatment facilities.