Aquatic transport vehicle dissolved oxygen automatic control solution

At present, the use of pure oxygen in domestic and international transportation methods has been widely recognized, but the question that comes with it: how to manage the driver or the driver knows the water dissolved oxygen and temperature in the fish tank, how to ensure that the fish is minimized during transportation. Mortality, as much as possible to reject oxygen waste, requires a certain solution.

The company's fishery transportation/holding system is mainly used for the temporary maintenance of live fish on land during transportation of vehicles and ships. It has the characteristics of long transportation time, high proportion of fish transport and high survival rate. Under normal transportation conditions, the proportion of fish and water in the transportation time of 50 hours can reach 1:2-1:4, and the ratio of fish to water in 100 hours can reach 1:3 - 1:6. Main components:

1. Generator power equipment

2. Insulation and isolation basket facility pool

3. Temperature control equipment

4. Oxygen supply and emergency oxygen supply equipment